Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mad at the World - "Flowers in the Rain"

Mad at the World - Flowers in the Rain
1988, Frontline

1. Fearfully & Wonderfully
2. Flowers in the Rain
3. Why?
4. Puppet Strings
5. No Mistakes
6. Wait
7. I Don't Wanna Go There
8. Faith is a Perfect Road
9. In My Dream
10. Love Light in the Midnight
11. This Lie
12. Dancing On Your Grave

Since I first got into Mad at the World with Boomerang I never listened to Flowers in the Rain...until now! Actually I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. The band starts to add some more hard rock elements to their sound on this record previewing what would happen with Seasons of Love. It seems like for the first half of the album they do a techno-pop song, then do a rock song, then back to a pop song. On the second half of the album they seem to combine both approaches and these are the songs that I find more compelling. I love tracks like "In My Dream" and "This Lie." It almost makes me wish they would have experimented a little bit more with this type of techno/rock fusion - it was quite interesting. There are some cheesy lyrics here and there but nothing that turned me off the music. Probably the biggest problem with this disc is the wafer thin production. The sound of the guitars is so thin they're barely audible. Also, it sounds like there's almost no bass to speak of. This kind of electronic music needs a little more bass I say. Glad I finally checked this out!

Useless Fact: It looks like Rose brother Ray is actually featured as a member on this album. That makes three Rose brothers on an MATW disc - a record, I believe.


  1. I used to have this. At one point, I had THREE Mad at the World CDs.

  2. I have the World History compilation by this band. I am going to sell it because I have repeatedly ripped and deleted it, and decided that it is not my cup of tea. Their rock stuff is even more dreadful. As I musician, I understand what they were facing in terms of electronic vs. rock regarding stage setups and all. But only the first Mad At the World album that was all synth-pop is good, IMHO. They were only praised because there were few christian bands at the time doing this style, but most of their work is forgettable.

    1. Forgettable?! You wound me, sir! Lol Though there do seem to be a lot of you that enjoy the first album. I'm really gonna have to check it out some day.