Monday, October 24, 2011

On Vacation!

Hey folks!

As of 5:09 PM yesterday I have been on vacation. Officially. It's quite a wonderful feeling really. If you haven't already guessed by some of my updates I've been pretty burnt out lately. My wife, Lexi, and I are travelling to my old stomping grounds of upstate NY - where I was born and raised. I won't be updating while I'm away, BUT when I come back I should have some new music! I'm already anxiously awaiting my Grave Robber pack but being in NY gives me the opportunity to visit some second-hand shops that sometimes have really cool gems just laying around. Here's hoping I find some.

I'm also going to do my "Favorite Albums of 2011" closer to November/December instead of October like I usually do. I've been compiling the list and it's actually pretty long. Longer than I thought it would be for being broke for several months out of the year.

Anyway, hope everything is going well with all of you. God bless.

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