Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deliverance - "A Decade Of..."

Deliverance - A Decade Of...
1995, Intense

1. Victory
2. No Time
3. The Call
4. Flesh & Blood
5. This Present Darkness
6. Rescue
7. After Forever
8. Prophet of Idiocy
9. Words to the...
10. Ramming Speed
11. Stay of Execution
12. Learn
13. Desperate Cries
14. Sanctuary

While I don't need this on my ipod anymore (since I have all the songs already) I thought I would include it anyway. A Decade Of... is an interesting little retrospective on the big D's career. I listened to it a lot when I first got it - mainly because of "Rescue" which is a smokin' awesome track that never made it onto Weapons of Our Warfare. Another highlight of this disc is the short liner notes written by Jimmy P. Brown himself. They're rather informative and enjoyable. I will say that it's kind of odd that tracks like "Weapons of our Warfare" and "What a Joke" didn't make it on this comp, but I never really cared. It's kind of nice to have a comp where the absolute most popular songs aren't tread out again. I wonder if Jimmy got to pick the track list?

Useless Fact: "Rescue" was eventually added as a bonus track on Retroactive's Weapons reissue. There's also a mistake on the back of the CD case where the title doesn't match the album artwork above it. I can't remember which ones are wrong though.

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