Monday, August 22, 2011

Nina - "No Shadow of Turning"

Nina - No Shadow of Turning
1991, REX

1. Calm Before the Storm
2. Emergency 2
3. In a Little While
4. Mirror Image
5. Where Are You Now?
6. Separate Yourself
7. Anyway, I Think It's Over
8. You Hold Your Heart in Your Hands
9. You Better Run Away
10. I'd Like to See the Way It Fits
11. Reality of Love
12. Daughter of Jerusalem
13. Turn, Turn, Turn

Here's a little obscure piece of Christian music history. No Shadow of Turning was a solo album from Nina Llopis of the hardcore/thrash/punk band The Lead. Her debut isn't thrash though, far from it. It's alternative rock and it's interesting. "I'd Like to See the Way it Fits" is Nina's attempt to do a pop song. It's kind of funny because there's all this earnest alt-rock then all of a sudden it's Kim Boyce or Lisa Beville for a song, then back to the rock. I also really enjoy her version of "Turn, Turn, Turn." Probably the biggest mark against No Shadow of Turning is the production which seems really thin and tinny to me. The album is way out of print and dirt cheap as well as available for download. If you're a connoissuer of early 90's Christian music you should definitely check this out.

Useless Fact: Nina thanks the boys of the Lead in her liner notes for putting up with her "non thrash" mode. These days I think Nina is doing worship seminars. She used to have a website but I can't find it anymore.

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