Friday, September 17, 2010

Apple, Fiona - "Tidal"

Apple, Fiona - Tidal
1996, Sony

1. Sleep to Dream
2. Sullen Girl
3. Shadowboxer
4. Criminal
5. Slow Like Honey
6. The First Taste
7. Never is a Promise
8. The Child is Gone
9. Pale September
10. Carrion

Not a huge fan of Fiona Apple. I never cared for her when she first came out and looked like an underage, slutty, heroin addict for her "Criminal" video. Though I do like that song. I like "Sleep to Dream" too and that's about it. It's not that this disc is bad, it's not. Fiona can sing. I like the husky, sultry jazz voice she's got going on. I just wish the rest of the songs on the disc were more like "Criminal" and "Sleep to Dream." Why? Because the rest of the album, filled with piano ballads, only makes me sleepy and that's not good for driving. My wife likes it though, so here it is on my Ipod... and blog.

Useless Fact: At the time of this album's release Fiona had kind of a reputation for being mouthy. She went on some rant at MTV's VMA's one year about being yourself and what not.

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  1. I'm a huge Fiona fan, but her debut "Tidal" does very little for me. Her image made her easy to rag on and/or dismiss. I was one that saw her as some barely talented loon. However, after her initial stardom died down Fiona proved to be a truly great artist.

    You should check out 2005's "Extradinary Machine", which is one of the best/most acclaimed albums of the past decade. 1999's "When The Pawn Hits..." is a strong effort as well.