Friday, September 17, 2010

Gunn, Dann - "Easy"

Gunn, Dann - Easy
2010, Independent

1. Unwinding
2. Closer
3. Easy
4. Moon Song
5. All For You
6. Still Smiling

I'll start by saying this - if you liked the old Velocipede CD even a little bit then you'll LOVE this. This is, essentially, Velocipede done right. Granted it's not exactly like ...Sane but the big, crunchy guitars, the catchy tunes, the passionate vocals - those elements are here. Dann is evolving his sound somewhat to include industrial elements which I think is a good fit with the thick guitar tone. Though I confess my favorite track is actually the acoustic tune "Moon Song." It really showcases Dann's vocals and is truly a beautiful song. My only complaint is that occasionally it sounds like Dann is holding back vocally on a couple tracks ("All For You" springs to mind). It just feels like he's holding back to me. He's got a clean, powerful style so he doesn't really need to. When I listen to it I'm expecting him to attack the song more. It could just be me. Still, Easy is a great little EP and I hope this signals more from the Gunn camp.

Useless Fact: If there's still something about Dann that you don't already know by now you'll just have to track him down yourself and ask him!

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