Monday, September 6, 2010

Jet Circus - "Look at Death Now"

Jet Circus - Look at Death Now
2005, Hypersonic

1. One Dime Scape Goat
2. Man Rules
3. Godless Happiness
4. Look at Death Now
5. Lizzard Love
6. The Way You Bless Me
7. Shooting Star
8. Skull of the Poet
9. Fears of Tomorrow

I have really mixed feelings about this one. This isn't actually Jet Circus' second album. The actual second album was called No Mercy For the Living Dead and was supposed to be released about the time this one was. Look at Death Now was to be Ez Gomer's solo album. Well, all of a sudden vocalist Terry Haw left the band, Look at Death Now became the new Jet Circus album, and No Mercy faded away into obscurity. Most of the reviews of this disc are pretty positive but I have to confess that I'm just not that into it right now. Ez Gomer does a good approximation of Terry Haw but I don't think he quite gets there. The fuzz is still there and the album does rock pretty hard but it just doesn't feel as much fun as the debut did. In fact there are only two songs where I felt like I was listening to Jet Circus - namely "Lizzard Love" and "Look at Death Now." Additionally, I just don't think the hooks are there. I hope this one grows on me, but time will tell....

Hopefully someday we'll get No Mercy...

Useless Fact: I suspect that this album was supposed to be a sort of concept album based on a comic written by Ez. I only say that because back when this was his solo album he had a lot of comic book art on his website and I think the album was supposed to tie into that. I don't know for sure so maybe someone can enlighten us. Also... someone please tell us as to how Wonderland could neglect to publish No Mercy!

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