Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grave Robber - "Exhumed"

Grave Robber - Exhumed
2010, Rottweiler

1. Army of the Dead
2. They Hate You
3. Altered States
4. Fill This Place With Blood
5. Lion of Judah
6. You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
7. Reanimator (Demo)
8. Bloodbath (Demo)
9. I Wanna Kill You Over and Over Again (Demo)
10. Screams of the Voiceless (Demo)
11. I, Zombie (Demo)

The only problem I have with Exhumed is that I got it after You're All Gonna Die!. If you have all three of the band's studio albums, you've got everything here save three new tunes ("They Hate You," "Lion of Judah," and "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"). Granted, there are some demo versions of Be Afraid material, but I don't think it's quite enough to sink the cash into the whole CD. However, if you're new to Grave Robber this is a good CD to start with as it has a good overview of what the band is about. Now I wholeheartedly recommend that you download the three exclusive tracks if you haven't done so already, but this disc is more for collectors I think. Finally, since I have the chance I'll just say this once more in case you haven't been paying attention: I LOVE Grave Robber!

Useless Fact: Exhumed is the first release on Rottweiler records. I think this was originally put out to give fans a taste of new GR to tide them over until the new album was ready.


  1. So how did you end up with an extra copy? I've listened to it once and really enjoyed the new songs. The remastered demos might take a bit of growing. Two Sunday's ago I had an enjoyable conversation with Tim Bushong while visiting his church. I'm only name dropping because I'm cool that way.

  2. I was supposed to get a copy with my "You're All Gonna Die!" preorder. Long story short, "You're All Gonna Die!" came and "Exhumed" did not. I emailed Rottweiler and they sent me "Exhumed." Then about a week later I got another one out of the blue. I emailed them again and told them about the extra copy and they told me to keep it.

    Also, I generally don't listen to the remastered demos. I usually just treat it as an EP and listen to the first six songs.