Thursday, January 9, 2014

LaBrie, James - "Impermanent Resonance"

LaBrie, James - Impermanent Resonance
2013, Inside Out

1. Agony
2. Undertow
3. Slight of Hand
4. Back On the Ground
5. I Got You
6. Holding On
7. Lost in the Fire
8. Letting Go
9. Destined To Burn
10. Say You're Still Mine
11. Amnesia
12. I Will Not Break
Bonus Tracks:
13. Why
14. Unraveling

Years ago I bought James LaBrie's first solo album, Elements of Persuasion. I remember liking the first two songs and no others. However, some kind (or evil, I guess... depending on your perspective) soul posted LaBrie's new album on You Tube in its entirety. I listened... and boy did I like. I put in on my Christmas list post haste. This is a lot different from Dream Theater. It's not progressive at all - these tunes are very radio friendly with lots of hooks and melodies. It's also pretty heavy as well with some great riffs and good production. I honestly think LaBrie's performance on this album is better than on the new self-titled Dream Theater.

Useless Fact: I guess "Why" and "Unraveling" were bonus tracks on the European version. Somehow I got them even though I think I have the American version. It also annoys me when question asking song titles don't have question marks.

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