Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beastie Boys - "Ill Communication"

Beastie Boys - Ill Communication
1994, Capitol

1. Sure Shot
2. Tough Guy
3. B-Boys Makin' With the Freak Freak
4. Bobo On the Corner
5. Root Down
6. Sabotage
7. Get It Together
8. Sabrosa
9. The Update
10. Futterman's Rule
11. Alright Hear This
12. Eugene's Lament
13. Flute Loop
14. Do It
15. Ricky's Theme
16. Heart Attack Man
17. The Scoop
18. Shambala
19. Bodhisattva Vow
20. Transitions

I think Ill Communication is my favorite Beastie platter so far. It starts off with, what I think, is one of their best songs ever - "Sure Shot." The album continues the somewhat experimental approach that began with Check Your Head. There's a lot of funk, alternative, some hard core punk, and even more world music. Though I actually think this one is a bit more cohesive and there's a lot more actual rap songs. I also like the instrumentals better - especially the violin's on "Eugene's Lament." This album is most well-known for "Sabotage" and its video. Hey remember when "Sabotage" was in the Star Trek reboot. As much as I love that song I hated that they put it in Star Trek. A young Jim Kirk rocking out to the Beasties after stealing a car. Seemed very un-Star Trek to me. Anyway... this is a great album and it's too bad the only thing people have heard off of it is "Sabotage."

Useless Fact: Q-Tip guest raps on "Get It Together" and Biz Markie makes another appearance on "Do It."

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