Monday, June 27, 2016

Sup The Chemist - "Dust"

Sup The Chemist - Dust
2000, BEC

1. The Return Of...
2. Language of Imagination
3. My Shot
4. Gaiety
5. Interlude
6. Fresh Coast
7. Photograph
8. How Do You Like Your Hip-Hop?
9. Art
10. Walls
11. As The Sun Rises
12. Zone
13. Top Ramen Nights
14. Sup The Chemist
15. Venality
16. I-15 North (L.V. Here I Come)
17. Here
18. Is This a Dream?

Sup The Chemist is the solo name for Super C (aka Chris Cooper) from S.F.C. I'm not sure why he decided to go solo. S.F.C. was kind of his baby as it was. Maybe he wanted to try and do something different? Dust seems like a very experimental record. If you're looking for the smooth beats and easy grooves of S.F.C. you won't really find that here. It seems like there's some odd time signatures and raps here. At times it seems like Sup and the guest MCs are racing the beat to the end of the song with all the lyrics they spit out. There is some old-school type goodness to be had in the form of tracks like "As the Sun Rises" in which Jon Gibson reprises "Dust in the Wind" for the chorus. "Photograph" is another good one. If you haven't guessed, this isn't exactly my favorite album of his. I bought it a long time ago and got rid of it because I didn't like it at all back then. I do enjoy it more now but I would still probably pull out S.F.C. stuff if I wanted my Sup fix. I hope this one grows on me as it now has a place in the vault.

Useless Fact: Gene Eugene appears on "I-15 North". He's not singing or anything, he's just talking but it made me all sad that he's gone. He probably could have made some good stuff in the sixteen years he's been gone. Also, Project 86 appears on "Is This a Dream?" but I don't find their contribution to be that important, honestly.

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