Monday, July 4, 2016

Knifeworld - "Bottled Out of Eden"

Knifeworld - Bottled Out of Eden
2016, Inside Out

1. High/Aflame
2. The Germ Inside
3. I Am Lost
4. The Deathless
5. Foul Temple
6. Vision of the Bent Path
7. I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait
8. Lowered Into Necromancy
9. A Dream About a Dream
10. Secret Words
11. Feel the Sorcery

Knifeworld's last album, The Unraveling, was one of my favorite albums of 2014. I loved the eclectic fusion of styles and instruments. I loved the dark undertones of some of the songs. I loved that it included some of the most beautiful music I'd ever heard. Bottled Out of Eden continues the tradition of being an amazing fusion of styles. This time out, however, the band's sound is a little bit more accessible. accessible as a progressive/psychedelic/fusion band can be. Many songs have a solid driving beat and somewhat simpler structures. I think this is a good thing in Knifeworld's case because they are a great band and more people need to know about them. Also, while it is more accessible, it's not watered down. Also, I think the lyrics here are actually darker than the previous outing - despite the more upbeat nature of the music. Not sure if this one rises above The Unraveling for me but I enjoy it immensely and proves to be a great introduction to the band.

Useless Fact: There is like... eight people in the band. Eight. That is a lot of gear to haul around, I bet.

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