Monday, July 18, 2016

Death Angel - "The Evil Divide"

Death Angel - The Evil Divide
2016, Nuclear Blast

1. The Moth
2. Cause For Alarm
3. Lost
4. Father of Lies
5. Hell to Pay
6. It Can't Be This
7. Hatred United/United Hate
8. Breakaway
9. The Electric Cell
10. Let the Pieces Fall
Bonus Track:
11. Wasteland

I was definitely suckered into buying this one based on the cover art. Cool logo, cool death moth - sign me up. It also helps that this album is balls to the wall thrash metal. It lacks the experimentation on an album like Act III but makes up for it with infectious riffs and nice chunky guitars. The band gets more melodic on tracks like "Lost" and "Wasteland" but they're still quite heavy. Though "Wasteland" is listed as a bonus track, which makes sense because it doesn't really fit the rest of the album. Definitely glad I picked this one up!

Useless Fact: I don't really know enough about this band to have an interesting fact. Sorry.

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