Thursday, July 7, 2016

Metal Church - "XI"

Metal Church - XI
2016, Rat Pak

1. Reset
2. Killing Your Time
3. No Tomorrow
4. Signal Path
5. Sky Falls In
6. Needle and Suture
7. Shadow
8. Blow Your Mind
9. Soul Eating Machine
10. It Waits
11. Suffer Fools

I never got into Metal Church back in the day. I have no particular reason for this, they were just always out of my reach for whatever reason and I was never motivated to check them out. However, Scott Waters mentioned them in one of this vlogs and played a little sample. I liked what I heard so I checked them out some more. I still liked what I heard so I bought this. It's good old-fashioned heavy metal. No adjective in front like "progressive" or "power" or "thrash" or anything. Just "heavy metal." It's kind of simple and pure like that. The hooks are strong, the riffs are infectious, and the vocals are gnarly. Not much more to say - if you like classic heavy metal you'll dig this, I'm sure.

Useless Fact: I guess the guys have been going through some line-up changes. I think they lost their original vocalist, but the new guy on here sounds awesome!

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