Friday, September 2, 2016

Audio Adrenaline - "Bloom"

Audio Adrenaline - Bloom
1996, Forefront

1. Secret
2. Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus
3. Good People
4. I'm Not the King
5. Walk on Water
6. See Through
7. Free Ride
8. Man of God
9. Gloryland
10. Jazz Odyssey
11. Bag Lady
12. I Hear Jesus Calling
13. Memoir

Bloom has a reputation for being the "grown-up" Audio Adrenaline record. The one where they move away from trying to be a band for the youth group and try to be a band for rock fans. The songwriting is more mature and aggressive. Some songs, like "See Through" are about as hard as the band ever got. I saw them at Kingdom Bound many moons ago and they put on a good show. Despite my affection for Don't Censor Me, Bloom is clearly the superior album. I don't really know what became of their sound after this because I had gotten out of music for a few years. What I heard through the grapevine (like "Hands and Feet") didn't impress. I guess they've recently put out a new album with DC Talk's Kevin Max on vocals. Don't know how that fared either.

Useless Fact: "I Hear Jesus Calling" is specifically listed as a demo. I guess the band liked it so much they kept that version for the album.

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