Friday, October 29, 2010

Knott, Michael - "Alternative Worship: Prayer, Petitions, and Praise"

Knott, Michael - Alternative Worship: Prayer, Petitions, and Praise
1994, Alarma

1. On My Feet Again
2. Windows
3. River of Love
4. Simple Man
5. Everything For Stormie
6. Shine
7. Call on You
8. Never Forsaken
9. Lamb of God
10. Holy, Holy, Holy
11. Within

Rule of Acquisition #239 states, "Never be afraid to mislabel a product." So it is with Alternative Worship. An album that was originally billed as a worship album by Terry Taylor, Gene Eugene, and Michael Knott. However, what it really is is a Michael Knott solo album with Terry and Gene singing a song or two. I think that's why I originally didn't like this CD. I was expecting sort of a "Lost Dogs" type fusion and it wasn't that. It also dies down a bit toward the end with quiet, acoustic songs. That being said, this is going to end up being one of my top picks of the year. Strictly speaking it's not worship, per se - if we used the narrowest definition (the one I prefer is "being consumed with who God is"). It's more like... songs from a prayer closet. Honest and open, holding nothing back. Usually the phrase "Giving it all to God" is so cliche and trite but it certainly applies here especially in a song like "Call on You" where Michael sings, "But for now I call on you/For help with cash for bills overdue/ And strength to influence right/ The little one I hold so tight." Pretty much anything about little girls or parenting makes me cry these days. Can't help it, I'm a big softee. It's good to hear Gene again on the poignant "Windows" which is one of the most beautiful songs he's performed on. Then there's "Holy, Holy, Holy" - a very simple song but it captures something that the modern worship blitz with it's multi-million dollar production setups misses.... actual worship. I've never been a huge L.S.U./Michael Knott fan but this disc went from being a curiosity (because I didn't like it when I was a teenager) to an essential.

Useless Fact: I believe "Everything for Stormie" is about Michael's daughter. I know, I know, anyone with half a brain would pick up on that but I didn't have any tidbits for this one. I'm as disappointed as you are.

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