Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Little Dog China - "The Velvis Carnival"

My Little Dog China - The Velvis Carnival
1994, Alarma

1. Listen
2. Her Machining
3. Puppets & Fools
4. See the Man Fall
5. Entanglement (The Web)
6. Iconland
7. Why?
8. Eggshells
9. Salvadori
10. Nothing
11. Swirl

It's I M P O R T A N T ! It's D E E P! It's E A R N E S T! It's..... COLLEGE ALTERANTIVE ROCK!!!!!! All joking aside My Little Dog China came out at a time when Christian music was sloughing off it's glam rock/metal skin and morphing into the pale alternative grunge clone that only the Christian music industry could produce. Um... anyway... where was I? Oh yeah, this is very fuzzy, feedbacky cacophony of sound with lyrics about being yourself, being miserable, and raging against the "machine" (no pun intended). You know what though? I like it. There's some cool melodic parts and lots of bass which I did not expect. It's probably not something that I'll listen to a lot, but it's fun to spin when I need something different. Or when I want to wear flannel.

Useless Fact: My Little Dog China came out with one more, more commercial album called Game Face and then no more was heard from them.


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