Monday, December 6, 2010

The Choir - "de-plumed"

The Choir - de-plumed. laid bare; exposed; featherless
2010, Galaxy 21

1. Dreams
2. 15 Doors
3. Black Cloud
4. Clouds
5. To Bid Farewell
6. A Sentimental Song
7. Love Your Mind
8. Spring
9. Leprechaun
10. Hey Gene
11. Enough to Love
12. A Friend So Kind

So one day I was checking the Choir's website (as I often do, being the total Choir fantard that I am) and I see that they had a new album out. This isn't an album of new material, but a collection of "unplugged" versions of album tunes - one from each album. I listened to the samples online and my brain screamed at me: you must buy this! And buy this I did. I think the greatest thing about this disc is that it really showcases the songs themselves and just how good they really are. It's nice to hear these tunes without all the psychedelic brik-a-brak that the band is usually known for. I think it makes them sweeter and more poignant - more sentimental if that's even possible! I actually preferred this version of "Enough to Love" to the album version. I'm also glad they did a couple Youth Choir songs because I think "15 Doors" is my favorite track and another one that I like better here than on the actual album. That being said, this isn't going to replace the albums but it's a real treat for fans.

There's only two things I have to complain about. First, "A Friend So Kind" was my least favorite track on Burning Like the Midnight Sun. I would have much rather heard an acoustic version of "That Melancholy Ghost," "It Should Have Been Obvious," or "Invisible." Second, the disc costs $15.99 plus shipping. It's kind of a steep price for what's essentially a CDR in a cardboard sleeve. I think they offer a cheaper online version but for those who like to have the CD it's a bit much. Though I did buy it and I do like it a lot so I guess I should shut up, eh?

Useless Fact: Matt Slocum from Sixpence None the Richer is on hand to play cello for several cuts.

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