Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Choir: Live in Dan's Living Room

Out here where I live (in the sticks) we don't get a lot of cool bands. Scratch that, we get no cool bands. Occasionally around Savannah area a band will come around but usually Atlanta is the place for a music scene. Imagine my delight when The Choir announced a free online concert to be put on December 14th. I took the day off for this. There was no way I was going to miss it.

I actually logged on a full two hours ahead of time just to be sure everything would be in working order before the concert. Several other people had the same idea and we all hung out, shooting the breeze for two hours. It was a lot of fun. It must be what it's like for my wife and her fellow Twilight-tards when they camp out for the newest Twilight movie. The concert started more or less on time though they abruptly started right int he middle of the first song. The complete setlist was as follows:

1. 15 Doors
2. Black Cloud
3. Clouds
4. To Cover You
5. A Sentimental Song
6. Beautiful Scandalous Night
7. Wicked Guns (w/ Steve on vocals)
8. Love Your Mind
9. Spring
10. Leprechaun
11. Mercy Lives Here
12. Hey Gene
13. Enough to Love
14. Between Bare Trees
15. Midnight Sun
16. About Love

The show ran about two hours and the band answered fan questions between songs as well as told stories and fooled around. It was a mellow, intimate, and informal vibe - only Steve and Derri with occasional performances with Dan. The band played in Dan Micheal's living room in front of the fireplace where Dan's family's stockings were hung. Steve had strung Christmas lights over his drums as well. Sometimes it was hard to hear certain band members at certain times but for the most part the audio was pretty good.

As far as the performances - they were all a treat. Aside from a few extras here and there the band pretty much stuck to the songs on de-plumed which wasn't a problem for me because I love that disc. Derri played "Love Your Mind" completely solo and it was absolutely stunning for me. I think I like the acoustic version of that song more than the normal version. I was surprised that they decided to play "Wicked Guns" (off Lost Dogs' Old Angel) and even more surprised that Steve sung on it. It gave that song a different spin and Steve sounded pretty good. He also broke out a lasso and showed off his rope skillz that he acquired on Route 66. I requested "Goodbye Winslow" but to no avail.

It was cool to see all of Steve's weird percussion toys in action. He used a wine glass (with wine in it) on "Enough to Love" and a couple songs featured a "spring drum" I think it's called. The guys shared odd tales from the road like their weirdest gigs and how weird it is to room with Mike Roe, who apparently really likes to be naked. All in all it was a great show and a really fun night and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. Hopefully they'll do it again soon!


  1. I too am in the middle of nowhere and wanted to see this, but alas, I wasn't able to. BTW, I followed your blog, but it says I'm L Axe, a name I used on a google calendar once. Very odd.

  2. Thank you for following! I followed yours too. The only time I really saw bands back in the day was at music festivals and stuff.