Saturday, December 11, 2010

DeGrazio, John - "Stronghold"

DeGrazio, John - Stronghold
2010, Watersound

1. Stronghold
2. I Did Fly
3. Tomorrow Is Here
4. New Life
5. So Much Stronger Now
6. Heaven Sent
7. Fragile
8. At All Cost
9. Shine So Bright
10. Down I Go
11. Lord of Sacred Light
12. What Has Been
13. The Kingdom

Over on one of my other blogs I got a message from Bridegroom & Bitney saying they wanted to send me a copy of John Degrazio's new CD, Stronghold. I informed them that this blog was not even close to professional and basically a temple for my own nostalgia, but they insisted. So I said okay. There's this saying people have about books and covers and not judging and stuff. Though I confess, as soon as I saw the cover for this album I knew what to expect. You know what? I was right. Look at that cover. What does it say to you? If you guessed "Christian pop in the vein of Casting Crowns, etc." you're correct! Though to be fair, this isn't a bad disc. In fact, I really liked "Stronghold," a powerful piano ballad that immediately grabbed my attention. It actually reminded me a little bit of Serj Tankian's (System of a Down) solo material - if you can believe that. I also liked "Fragile" (pronounced frah-jee-lay... I think it's Italian...) - basically I liked the songs with minor chords. Unfortunately this just isn't really my thing. I don't like modern Christian radio and so anything that remotely sounds like it should be on modern Christian radio makes my stomach turn. Though honestly, John writes a good hook and the songs aren't bad at all so if you dig the Casting Crowns-type stuff, definitely give John DeGrazio a listen.

Useless Fact: The liner notes include a lot of Scripture verses for each song. Reminded me of the old days when an album from Tourniquet or Vengeance Rising could be turned into Bible studies - extra points for that!

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