Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3 - "The End is Begun"

3 - The End is Begun
2008, Metal Blade

1. The World is Born of Flame
2. The End is Begun
3. Battle Cry
4. All That Remains
5. My Divided Falling
6. Serpents in Disguise
7. Been to the Future
8. Bleeding Me Home
9. Live Entertainment
10. Diamond in the Crush
11. Shadow Play
12. These Iron Bones
13. The Last Day
Bonus Track
14. See Emily Play

The End is Begun is another fantastic album by 3. Though it's the only album with a couple songs I was apathetic about. For some reason "Battle Cry" and "Bleeding Me Home" didn't really do anything for me. The rest of the disc is rock solid. I love this band. I did manage to score the special edition of this album which includes a DVD. It has three live songs ("Monster/Bramfatura," "Amaze Disgrace," and "Bramfatura")on it and two music videos ("All That Remains" and "Alien Angel").

Useless Fact: The normal edition of this CD has the band's name spelled out ("Three") versus just using the number like they normally do.

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