Thursday, April 12, 2012

Music Musings: You Kids These Days...

You kids these days... you don't realize how good you have it! You go into one of these new-fangled churches and what do you see? A gull dern rock band! Right on the platform! With drums! Then they play these songs that have actual rhythms and beats and what nots. Youth groups go to these Christian rock festivals, AND IT'S NOT EVEN THE KIDS' IDEA FIRST! It wasn't that way when I was a boy.

When I was your age the only music we had was hymns. There were two instruments - piano and organ. We were only allowed to sing music written between 1750 - 1900. Anything newer was an abomination! We had to listen to SECULAR rock! Where they sang about all manner of sin (my personal favorite was the sex - but that's neither here nor there). Then this Christian rock comes out. Good Christian rock, like what was on the MTV. And by golly, you considered yourself lucky if your pastor only reacted to it with ambivalent suspicion instead of vehement opposition. You had to cajole and convince the youth pastor to drive you to God knows where to see Whitecross. Sometimes you even had to sit down with the pastor and defend the faith of people you didn't even know but had to be investigated if you were to listen to their music.

Now...good gravy. If you tell your pastor you like a certain secular band he'll probably give you a list of Christian bands that just sound just like the one you like.

I tell ya what. You kids have it easy.

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