Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alice Cooper - "School's Out"

Alice Cooper - School's Out
1972, Warner Bros.

1. School's Out
2. Luney Tune
3. Gutter Cats Vs. the Jets
4. Street Fight
5. Blue Turk
6. My Stars
7. Public Animal #9
8. Alma Mater
9. Grand Finale

So what should I find in my mailbox the other day but a package from my buddy Uvulapie! It's had a few CDs in it and School's Out was one of them. He is trying to transform me into a genuine Alice Cooper fan... and to be honest, it's an uphill battle for him. I previously mentioned my work's radio station and when I listen to anything from this era I think of work. It makes me sad. But I bit the bullet and sunk my teeth into this disc. It's actually really good. Excellent even. It makes me sad but only because the general public will only know this album for the title song. It's filled with cool songs - my personal favorites being "My Stars" and "Public Animal #9." Also, the bass work on this album is phenomenal. You know, like it was played by a genuine bass player and not a guitar player who decided to become the bassist after the band was formed.

Useless Fact: If the liner notes are to be believed the Alice Cooper band got their name from a Ouija board reading.

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