Friday, May 4, 2012

DigHayZoose - "Ascension 7: Rocketship to Heaven"

DigHayZoose - Ascension 7: Rocketship to Heaven
1995, Brainstorm

1. Intro/Dancing In Concert With the Infinite
2. Strugglefish
3. Slow Serious
4. Whoo Woo
5. Slatherage
6. Magentamantalovetree
7. Self
8. Beware of Strangers Bearing Gifts
9. Later (L.A. 1994)
10. Circle of Pain
11. Secret
12. Intro to Regret
13. Regret

I count DigHayZoose's MagentaMantaLoveTree as one of my favorite albums of all time. No lie. So you'd think I'd be super excited about this live album. It's okay. It's not one of the greatest but there's nothing that I can point out as being super horrible either. Allan Aguirre from Scaterd Few joins the band on stage for a couple Sin Disease tunes and that's pretty cool. I also thought the band would be a bit funnier on stage. I guess somewhere I got the impression that they might be goofballs, but they play it pretty straight here. One last thing - great bass playing here. You can hear it really well in the mix so it stands out whereas the guitars sound mushy and sloppy to my ears. It's too bad this band broke up because I always wanted to hear more from them. (Sorry about the cover picture - Blogspot changed all the controls and I'm having a hard time adjusting!)

Useless Fact: The band did record some demos for a new album but it was never finished. I think they posted some of those demos on their Facebook page.

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