Saturday, April 21, 2012

Star One - "Live On Earth"

Star One - Live On Earth
2003, Inside Out

Disc One:
1. Lift Off
2. Set Your Controls
3. High Moon
4. Dreamtime
5. Eyes of Time
6. Songs of the Ocean
7. Dawn Of a Million Souls
8. The Dream Sequencer
9. Into the Black Hole
10. Actual Fantasy
11. Valley of the Queens

Disc Two:
1. Isis and Osiris
2. Amazing Flight in Space
3. Intergalactic Space Crusaders
4. The Castle Hall
5. The Eye of Ra
6. Starchild
7. The Two Gates

What happens when you get real musicians to play live? Actual music. I say this because I watched a Fall Out Boy concert on DVD and wondered why the heck anyone would go see them live. They were awful. Star One on the other hand is chocked full of talent. As a result Live On Earth sounds almost perfect. Nobody misses notes, nobody screws up the lyrics, the crowd is excited. There's a good mix of Star One material along with a considerable amount of Ayreon stuff as well. A pretty good live album if I do say so myself. Thanks Uvulapie!

Useless Fact: This concert was also filmed for a DVD. Everyone wore shiny space-type clothes to match the theme.

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