Sunday, July 15, 2012

3 - "Revisions"

3 - Revisions
2009, Metal Blade

1. Anyone Human
2. Rabid Animals
3. The Better Half of Me
4. Automobile
5. Why
6. Lexicon of Extremism
7. Fable
8. You've Been Shot
9. Halloween
10. The Emerald Undertow
11. The Game

Revisions is exactly what it says on the tin - a collection of the band's pre-Wake Pig material remixed, rewritten, and rerecorded. The sound is a bit different from their newer material. It even says so in the liner notes. There's not quite as much technical prowess in the songs as they concentrate more on being short, simple songs. "Lexicon of Extremism" is a acoustic solo song akin to "Bramfatura" that is similarly amazing. I also like "The Emerald Undertow" and "The Game." I've noticed the lyrics in these early songs are a lot darker as well. "The Emerald Undertow" is about a handicapped young man who witnesses the drowning of a girl and his subsequent guilt about the incident. "The Game" is sort of a black comedy track about the lead singer killing the other guys in the band, then killing himself. So yeah... some darker stuff. I like this album okay but for the most part I'm not as enchanted by this material as I am their new stuff.

Useless Fact: The band a few albums out before Wake Pig. The ones I can name off hand are Paint By Numbers, Summercamp Nightmare and Half Life. 

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