Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coheed and Cambria - "The Afterman: Ascension"

Coheed and Cambria - The Afterman: Ascension
2012, Hundred Handed

1. The Hollow
2. Key Entity Extraction I: Domino the Destitute
3. The Afterman
4. Mothers of Men
5. Goodnight, Fair Lady
6. Key Entity Extraction II: Holly Wood the Cracked
7. Key Entity Extraction III: Vic the Butcher
8. Key Entity Extraction IV: Evagria the Faithful
9. Subtraction

Somehow Coheed and Cambria released an album last year without me knowing it. I have no idea how that happened. Probably because I became significantly less interested in the band after the lackluster Year of the Black Rainbow. However, I'm happy to report that Black Rainbow was a simple misstep versus a downward spiral as The Afterman: Ascension is a fine album and restores my faith in the band. Perhaps some of that has to do with a couple longtime members returning to the band (like Josh Eppard on drums). After the usual intro-type track the band plows into "Key Entity Extraction I: Domino the Destitute" which immediately recalls some of the more epic tracks from 3: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth. However, Ascension also takes the band into new territory with the title track and "Key Entity Extraction IV: Evagria the Faithful" which are two of the more ethereal, atmospheric tracks. The closing track, "Subtraction," with its combination of electronica and acoustic guitar recalls Claudio Sanchez's side project, Prize Fighter Inferno. The only complaint that I have is that it's too short. Granted, it's only part one of a double album but once it was done I was hungry for more. Which is usually how you want to end things, now that I think of it.

The story is a prequel to every album that came before it. It tells the story of Sirius (or Cyrus?) Amory and his discovery of the Keywork. As he explores he comes to discover the nature of the Keywork itself. It's a lot more straightforward a tale than any of the previous albums. Claudio's actually explained each song on the band's website.

Useless Fact: "Key Entity Extraction II: Holly Wood the Cracked" was written about a girl who made a video about Claudio Sanchez and the band. Apparently she was kind of a raving lunatic, accusing Claudio of being a racist, among other things.

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