Friday, May 31, 2013

Mortification - "Erasing The Goblin"

Mortification - Erasing The Goblin

1. Razorback
2. Erasing The Goblin
3. The Dead Shall Be Judged
4. Escaping The Blasphemous Tabernacle
5. Your Time
6. Forged In Stone
7. Way, Truth, Life
8. Humanitarian
9. Short Circuit
10. Dead Man Walking
11. Servants of the Supreme Message
12. Erasing The Goblin (Live)
13. Brutal Warfare (Live)
14. Hammer of God (Live)
15. Purest Intent (Live)
16. Standing At The Door of Death (Live)
17. Spoken Word (Live)
18. Chapel of Hope (Live)
19. 12 Men (Live)
20. God Rulz (Live)

Finally! I found one! A good later-era Morty disc. Actually, good isn't right - great. Yes. This is great. From the pummeling opener "Razorback" you can tell the band is in top form. The songs here are far more exciting and interesting than just about anything I've heard so far from this era. My favorites include "Razorback," "Way, Truth, Life," and the punk-inspired "Short Circuit." Steve's vocals are sort of a cross between his clean shouts and growls. They work with the music and didn't annoy me at all. Probably the only song I didn't like is the title track. It just seems kind of boring to me. However, it's leaps and bounds above anything off of Brain Cleaner. Speaking of which, the lyrics have taken on more of an evangelical slant and aren't nearly as cheesy or whiny. All in all an awesome album! My edition is a recently reissued edition with improved cover artwork and bonus live tracks. The live tracks are okay but Steve's vocals are not very good and the production on the tracks is kind of spotty. Live Planetarium they are not.

Useless Fact: The original title for this album was Impaling The Goblin, but Steve Rowe was informed that that phrase had some sexual connotation in some countries so it was changed. Also, when this album was originally released the last track was either "Dead Man Walking" or "Servants of the Supreme Message" depending on whether you go the Rowe Productions or MCM version. Thankfully, this reissue has both.

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