Thursday, August 15, 2013

Music Musings: Concerts and Such

Despite the fact that I love music, I don't actually like concerts that much. I agree with Uvulapie when he wrote, "I don't really care for live music (too uncontrolled and often disappoints compared to a carefully crafted studio album)." I think we actually are brothers somehow. Anyway, I don't like concerts for much the same reason. It's way too loud and, being an introvert, I don't really like being jostled around by people I don't know. I'd rather watch a concert on television or maybe a coffee house. I prefer unplugged shows like VH1's Storytellers where you get up close and personal.

There's also another kind of weird reason that's going to sound really religious. I think concerts, in essence, are worship services for the artist. Think about it: the band is up on stage - your entire being is focused on just how awesome and wonderful that band is. Is that not worship? Now I'm not saying you can't go to concerts or anything. But for me they have that dynamic. That's why I prefer smaller shows. They feel more relational. Instead of basking in the artists glory, they're sharing their hearts and fellow-shipping with us. Again, it's just a personal thing for me. 

Now I'm going to totally copy Uvulapie and see if I can list all the concerts I've been to. Keep in mind that my town did not have a music scene at all so Kingdom Bound was the mainstay of my concert experience. Though, as I've said before, my mom and aunt drove us all around God's green earth to go to concerts too.

Kingdom Bound 1990
- Carman
- Sacred Warrior

Kingdom Bound 1991
- Whitecross
- Petra

Kingdom Bound 1992
- Bride
- The Choir
- Rachel Rachel
- Scary Cats
- Sacred Warrior
- Novella

Kingdom Bound 1993

I don't remember actually going to any concerts this year. I did catch the end of Bloodgood's final show. Had I been a wiser lad I probably would have been at that show. This is the year they moved the alternative/metal stage. They also used the brand new Performing Arts center for the big concerts.

Kingdom Bound 1994
- The Lost Dogs
- The 77's
- Dakoda Motor Mo.
- Sixpence None the Richer
- Phil Keaggy

Kingdom Bound 1995
- Bride
- Johnny Q Public
- Supertones

Kingdom Bound 1996

I  think MxPx was scheduled to play but got rained out. My memory's a bit muddled for the 95/96 era. 

Let's see, now for regular concerts:

1990 - Michael Peace - some church near our town
1990 - Some band called Fortress
1991 - Whitecross and Sardonyx - In The Kingdom tour (some school in Pennsylvania)
1991 - Holy Soldier - Last Train tour (A different school in Pennsylvania)
1991 - Seraiah - Seraiah tour (Same school as Holy Soldier)
1991 - Michael Peace (At our church)
1992 - Carman - Addicted to Jesus tour (War Memorial - Rochester, NY)
1992 - Michael Peace (at Southside High School in my hometown) My cousin and some friends for youth group opened up for him under the name C.F.C.
1992 - Ray Boltz - Moments for the Heart?? (Don't remember where)
1993 - Carman - The Standard tour (War Memorial - Rochester, NY)
1993 - Newsboys at Eastern Nazarene College (Didn't actually watch the concert, I hung out outside and talked to people.
1994- Newsboys (I didn't actually watch the concert either, I chilled outside with my girlfriend at the time)
???? - Mark Lowry (Clemens Center in my very own hometown!)
???? - Alvin Slaughter (Faith Temple in Rochester, NY)
2005 - Emery - The Question tour (The Social in Orlando, FL) Gym Class Heroes opened up for this one or the Flyleaf concert. My wife and I go to see them before they blew up on the radio.
2006- Flyleaf - Debut album tour (The Social in Orlando, FL)

That's all I can think of for now. I'll update it as I remember stuff.

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