Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Advent Spectacular 2015!

Hello everyone! Over at my You Tube channel I did a little series of videos on each Advent Sunday this year talking about different Christmas related things. I thought I'd share that playlist here too as my last post for the year. Merry Christmas everyone! God bless us, everyone!

Episode One: Christmas Memories and Greetings
Episode Two: Christmas Music
Episode Three: Christmas Movies
Episode Four: Faith


  1. If I may play "seven degrees" for a moment... Scheherazade was an Persian queen and teller of the famous "One Thousand and One [Arabian] Nights". She is also the subject of an excellent piece by Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov, the composer best known for his brief piece "Flight of the Bumblebeed" which is best known for the music used by Muppet star Gonzo while he ate a tire.

  2. I found your blog based on the greatestccmalbums/500bestchristianalbums referals. I couldn't contact the guys on there, though. I'm a Christian who enjoys a lot of the same things as you. I grew up a gamer and with Christian music exposure through my parents. I was introduced to japanese music through Dreams Come True (as the composer did the soundtrack for Sonic 2) and consider myself an afficianado of international pop music, though mostly asian stuff and some euro as well. I do love a good share of english music too. Let me know what's up with you and let me know what you think of my blog here:

    1. Cool! Glad you found the blog. I will check out yours as soon as I'm on a real computer! God bless!