Monday, May 16, 2016

Circle of Dust - "Brainchild (Remastered)"

Circle of Dust - Brainchild
1993/1995/2016, FiXT

Disc One:
1. Cranial Tyrant
2. Telltale Crime
3. Prayers of a Dead Man
4. Regressor (Aggressive Mix)
5. Enshrined
6. Course of Ruin
7. Descend
8. Deviate
9. Pale Reflection
10. Aggressor (Regressive Mix)

Disc Two:
1. Contagion
2. Deviate (Blue Stahli Remix)
3. Am I In Sync?
4. Deviate (1992)
5. Telltale Crime (1992)
6. Prayers of a Dead Man (1992)
7. Dust 10
8. Dust 11
9. Dust 12
10. Dust 13
11. Dust 14
12. Dust 15
13. Twisted Reality (1995 Live VHS Audio)
14. Deviate (1995 Live VHS Audio)
15. Deviate (Blue Stahli Remix) [Instrumental]

I've mentioned before that Brainchild started as an actual band called Brainchild but it reissued under Circle of Dust. Well, now it gets another reissue and - as before - this is this album's final form as well. The mastering is just about perfect. There's tons of cool extras, like the new track "Contagion" and "Am I In Sync?" from the Steve Taylor tribute if you missed that (which, how could you do that, YOU MONSTER!). It even contains the original versions of "Telltale Crime," "Prayers of a Dead Man," and "Deviate" for those moods when you're really, really nostalgic. Again - this is an excellent package and well worth getting even if you have the previous versions. However...still no liner notes! Argh!

Useless Fact: Documentation seems to imply that the original Braindchild album came out in '92, but that's impossible because the first Circle album came out in '92 and Brainchild didn't come out at least until the following spring, making its release year '93. Can anyone confirm Mindwarp's actual release date?


  1. I've got the original (packed away somewhere I can't get to), but the rip of it on my computer says 1992. Everything I found online (from Wikipedia, to CD baby, to, et al.) says it came out in 1992. But (just to keep things from not being confusing) when R.E.X. records wanted a second Circle of Dust album, there wasn't enough money to record one, so the label basically reissued the album in 1994 (with a few relatively minor changes) as the second Circle of Dust album, and called it Brainchild. Then you throw in a couple of reissues over the years, and voilĂ  – confusing fun for everyone!

    Sorry if this isn't very helpful – but, hey, what you want for free?

  2. Ugh! Everything I found says 1992, but that just doesn't jive with my memory. The original Circle album came out in 92 because I got it at Kingdom Bound 92. I KNOW that Brainchild came out after that one. But what month? If it was 92 I would have bought it and had it between August and January of 92...but I didn't have it until the spring of 93. Unless my particular store didn't get in in until the spring. I don't know, but I've spent way to much mental energy trying to resolve this! Oh well... just glad they're getting reissued.

  3. I really need to grab the CoD remasters, because everything I've heard confirms that they're pretty much essential for CoD fans.

  4. It WAS released in 1992. That's what the copyright date of my CD says (I have all but the original COD CD from 1992) and this was my first introduction to the world of industrial metal. I didn't know what to think when I first bought it... it was so... weird. but stinkin' HEAVY!!! Still one of my all-time favorite albums. The 1994 re-release also had a minor change in the 1st track (Cranial Tyrant) where in the original ending, you hear a lady mention something about choosing between education and catastrophe, or something like that which was cut off on the 1994 version. Otherwise, it's the same album, minus the 3 remixes. I have gotten 3 of the COD/Brainchild remasters that Retroactive records put out about 10 years ago (Mindwarp, the 1992 version of Circle of Dust and the 1994 COD/Brainchild album.