Friday, January 5, 2018

Fear Not - "Fear Not (25th Anniversary Edition)"

Fear Not - Fear Not (25th Anniversary Edition)
1993/2017, Roxx Productions

1. Give It Up
2. We Have a God
3. Mr. Compromise
4. Til the End of My Days
5. Suicide Sunshine
6. Money Money
7. Easy Come Easy Go
8. There Is Love
9. Mad World
10. Take a Hold
Bonus Tracks:
11. You Got Love
12. Love is Alright

I'm glad that Fear Not's one and only release has been reissued. I'm also glad that Roxx put some real time and effort into this one. I've mentioned how this band missed being the next big thing by a couple years. This edition highlights everything the band got right and why it's such a shame they never got the recognition they deserved. Everything here clicks. The guitar tone is nasty and thick. The production is spot on. The song-writing is top notch and ultra-catchy. The cover has been reworked into something more metal and it looks great (though I never had a problem with the old cover art). We've even got some bonus tracks that sound pretty good - a bit more modern, for sure. Kind of like what the band might have done in like '95 or '96 had they had the chance to do another album. Oh! And the liner notes! Full booklet with lyrics and an interview from Larry Worley! Were they just the Christian version of Skid Row? Um... a little... but they pull it off with finesse and style and this album is fantastic. I'm glad I can finally replace my original version (it suffered from water damage and CD rot).

Useless Fact: I guess except for a few shows here and there the band never got to actually go on tour. Another shame...


  1. Yes! Post Love Life!!! I've been wondering just how different this remastered version sounds over the original. Sucks to hear your's suffered disc rot. I think I've been lucky so far that none of my music has suffered (that I know of).

    1. Dude! As soon as someone reissues Love Life I will get it. I've actually never heard it (though I've heard it's not as good as Fear Not).

  2. Such a great album. I remember buying this as a new release on cassette, back in 1993, and a year later, when I got my first CD player, this album, Petra's "Wake Up Call" and the Last Action Hero soundtrack were the first CD's I bought. I recently got this vinyl reissue, and it sounds fantastic. Still love this one, after all these years.