Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ransom - "Soul Asylum"

Ransom - Soul Asylum 
1992/2017, Roxx Productions

1. Soul Hymn
2. Exit (Euthanasia)
3. Windows of My Heart
4. The Lies
5. Prayer Asylum
6. Only the Just Let Go
7. Not That Kind of Girl
8. Watching Over Me
9. Higher Ground
10. Sister Blue

For Ransom's second album the trade in the shiny, metallic sounds of the debut for something a bit more earthy, organic, and bluesy. It leans a little more towards the hard rock side than the metal side. This is not a negative however as the slight shift gives vocalist Lisa Faxom even more room to shine. She was truly one of the hidden gems of the Christian rock scene. I don't think she ever got the kudos she deserved. I have grown to prefer this album over their first. Soul Asylum was the band's last album. A shame...as I think if there was a band that could have still sounded good during the alternative days it's this one. This edition is a reissue from Roxx Productions with lyrics and liner notes and everything. Good job, there! I always like when reissues have the whole package. I guess this one was strictly limited to 300 copies - mine is #74.

Useless Fact: Not really a fact... more a question. What ever happened to Lisa? We've got some recollections from bassist Michael Preciado but I'd hate to think that she stopped singing after Ransom ended.

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  1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who prefers this to the debut. Lisa's voice fits this bluesy hard rock vibe so much better than the faux hair metal of the first album, and while the songs might not all be totally memorable, given the time to write a better set of tunes in this style, I think a 3rd album might have really hit the mark.