Monday, February 5, 2018

X-Sinner - "Get It"

X-Sinner - Get It
1989, Pakaderm

1. Medicine
2. Steppin' On Toes
3. Hearts on Fire
4. No Way In
5. Get It
6. Accountable
7. Walking Evil
8. Lift Him Up
9. Kick 'Em Out
10. Livin' On The Edge

I remembered more about the circumstances of my borrowing this album from my cousin than I did the album itself. It was a Wednesday night and my first real girlfriend had her friend call me a couple hours before church to break up with me. Not my first experience with heartache, but it still stung. I then got to watch her at church that night fawn over some other guy the whole time. Fun. Oh! and also the U.S. began Operation: Desert Storm that same day. January 16th, 1991 - I know this because there's a Fluffy song about it called "1/16/91." I mostly remember listening to this album with that weird hollowed-out feeling you get when an important relationship ends.

Where was I? Oh, yeah! The album! It's pretty much Christian AC/DC, right down to the vocalist who does a spot-on version of Brian Johnson. Seriously, if you played "Medicine" for someone not in the know they'd think it was some lost AC/DC track from the Back In Black sessions. Or maybe The Razor's Edge sessions. I mean... it's AC/DC, does it really matter? To the band's credit, they do a pretty good job with solid hooks and interesting riffs. "No Way In" is notable in that it backs off the AC/DC for a second to be its own thing. Also, "Livin' On The Edge" sounds a bit more Def Leppard than AC/DC. This album is way out of print as of now - even the reissue is pricey.

Useless Fact: Main man Rex Scott was also the main man of Zion - another Christian metal band with some AC/DC type influences.


  1. Love, love, love this album! For the longest time it was so hard to track down on CD.

  2. After wanting a copy of this for the longest time, I finally scored a CD a couple months ago, and it was worth the wait. Very solid album and really nails that AC/DC vibe. Now to see if I can get a vinyl copy for less than a mint...