Thursday, March 15, 2018

Guardian - "Fire and Love (Legends Remastered)"

Guardian - Fire and Love (Legends Remastered)
1990/2018, Retroactive

1. Power of Love
2. Send a Message
3. Time Stands Still
4. Forever and a Day
5. Takin' On the World
6. Fire and Love
7. Turnaround
8. Time and Time Again
9. The Rain
10. Never Say Goodbye
Bonus Track
11. Take Up Your Cross

I'm glad Retroactive remastered this one as my hard copy of the original suffered from CD rot. Sad, I know. Let that be a lesson, kids from ten years ago - never put your CDs in those big binders! Anywho, this remaster cleans up the sound a little makes the guitars sound a bit heavier. I mean, this album didn't need much help anyway because it was pretty stellar to begin with, but I did notice a difference. Remember what I said about the original vocalist for Guardian versus Jamie Rowe? Yeah... that's so much more apparent listening to First Watch and Fire and Love so close together. First Watch was pretty good, but with Fire and Love the band really came into their own and I think the Jamie's vocals had a lot to do with that. He's pretty distinctive and unique and fits the more commercial style of hard rock perfectly. If you've never listened to Guardian before, now's the perfect time!

Useless Fact: This version comes with a bonus track, "Take Up Your Cross," which was originally appeared on Larry Howard's Cornerstone Blues Jam from 1992. I remember I had that album but since I wasn't as much of a fan of blues I didn't listen to it much.

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