Friday, April 27, 2018

Morgan, Cindy - "Elementary"

Morgan, Cindy - Elementary
2001, Word

1. The World Needs Your Love
2. Good Thing
3. Elementary
4. Love Can
5. New World
6. Believe
7. End of the World
8. Walk in the Rain
9. Grape Soda
10. Sunshine
11. Happy
12. Love is Waiting
13. In These Rooms
14. I Love You

I admit that back in my youth I didn't give Cindy Morgan the time of day because she was "pop" and I was strictly metal and rap. Recently my partner-in-crime Uvulapie recommended some of her later stuff because she was a bit more in control of her sound and image. I picked Elementary because the title track sort of reminded me of Mandy Moore's "Extraordinary" even though they don't really sound alike at all. I like the album too - there's a bit of variety here and there. "New World" has a bit of a Latin vibe, "I Love You" apes jazz, and "In These Rooms" is sort of a singer/songwriter story song. Unfortunately that last one is boring as dirt, but there's plenty of good tunes here. My favorites being "End of the World" and "Sunshine." I think I may slowly check out some more Cindy Morgan as my schedule permits because she does some pretty cool stuff.

Useless Fact: Cindy Morgan is married to Christian author Sigmund Brower. I read a couple of his books back in the day. They were pretty decent.

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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying the album. For what it's worth, I also really liked Listen and The Loving Kind (any Christian pop album that starts out with a jagged accordion melody gets points in my book). Postcards is pretty good as well. Earlier than these and it seems like she hasn't found her voice, or wasn't allowed by the CCM Masters to be anything more than a pale reflection of some secular artist.