Saturday, October 31, 2009

Adam Again - "Homeboys"

Adam Again - Homeboys
1990, Broken

1. Homeboys
2. The Fine Line
3. Hide Away
4. Bad News On The Radio
5. Inner City Blues
6. Dance Around In Circles
7. This Band Is Our House
8. Save Me
9. Occam's Razor
10. No Regrets

1990 was definitely a good year for music! Homeboys is a lot different from Ten Songs. Most of the dance stuff has been ditched in favor of more rock and more funk. I, for one, couldn't be happier. This is a great collection of poignant songs and Gene's voice fits the mood perfectly. You can almost feel the heat bouncing off the pavement of an old inner city basketball court. Dan Michael's sax jazzes up the proceedings nicely. Oh... let's not forget the hooks. They're much more apparent here and I think the songs are a lot more focused, and as a result, a lot more interesting. The lyrics are thought provoking and not the "happy shiny" Christian lyrics that were so popular at this time. "Inner City Blues" is a Marvin Gaye cover which the band pulls off flawlessly. This really is a classic album!

Useless Fact: Steve Hindalong from The Choir wrote the lyrics to "Hide Away," and he even sang the song on the tribute CD after Gene's death.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Fantastic album.

    A friend played this for a friend of his (who was really into this style of music), and the guy claimed to hate it because "it sounds like R.E.M., and the production sucks." Go figure. Such is the musical bigotries of people who are determined to hate any music by Christians (or suspected Christians), no matter how good it might be.