Saturday, October 31, 2009

Betrayal - "Renaissance By Death"

Betrayal - Renaissance By Death
1991, Wonderland

1. Renaissance By Death
2. The Invitation
3. Fallen Deceived
4. More Faith Than Me
5. Escaping The Altar
6. Assassins in the Midst
7. Mortal Flesh
8. Stroll Thru a Wicked Age
9. Prophets of Baal
10. Plead the Blood

I remember when Betrayal first came out. There was a lot of hype surrounding their debut. They even had a little phone number you could call and hear a message from the band and a short sample of the music. Speaking of which it is mostly technical thrash. Of course you've got your chunky riffs, your melancholy guitar interludes, and a bit of jazz thrown in for good measure. A lot of people didn't like Chris Ackerman's vocals and I can understand why. He has sort of a clean punk shout that sometimes seems at odds with the music - almost like it's not in time with the rhythm of the song (see "Escaping the Altar" for an example of this). I like it though mostly because there are some tasty riffs here. A lot of the lyrics have to do with the dangers of Satanism and the occult, take for example "Stroll Thru a Wicked Age" which is almost a history lesson set to music. It's a pretty good disc if you can find it.

Useless fact: Betrayal used to be called Martyr before they got signed.

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