Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mortification - "Hammer of God"

Mortification - Hammer of God
1999, Metal Blade

1. Metal Crusade
2. Martyrs
3. Lock Up the Night
4. In the Woods
5. A Pearl
6. Hammer of God
7. Liberal Mediocrity
8. Extreme Conditions
9. Ride the Light
10. D.W.A.M
11. Medley
12. God Rulz
13. At War With War (Demo 1997)
14. Visited By an Angel (Demo 1997)
15. Unified Truth (Demo 1997)
16. Metal Crusade (Instrumental)

After Primitive I went through a period where I just wasn't into music anymore. I was only listening to worship music and some other odd stuff here and there. Unfortunately the world of metal trudged along without me so when EnVision Evangeline came out I was really out of the scene. Now that I'm back I've never had much affection for the later-era Morty discs. Steve's clean vocals annoy me. He's got the absolute coolest, most unique growl in metal but his shouts sound... I don't know... obnoxious. So anyway... Hammer of God. Not really impressed. "Martyrs" is a cool thrash tune and that's about all I like here. Everything else just doesn't hook me like the older stuff does. "Lock Up the Night" is a simplistic song to which I made up my own lyrics, which are as follows: "Lock up the dog!/Take out the trash!/Clean up your room!/ Doooooo your home work!/." Maybe I'll give this another chance at some point but right now I think it's probably the weakest disc I've heard from the guys.

Useless Fact: There's demos from Triumph of Mercy on here. Kind of weird to have demos from your last album on your new album but it's Steve's band he can do what he likes!

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