Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Throes - "All the Flowers Growing in Your Mother's Eyes"

The Throes - All the Flowers Growing in Your Mother's Eyes
1990, REX

1. Black Birds
2. All the Flowers Growing in Your Mother's Eyes
3. Just One Moment
4. Love is an Ocean
5. Eyes of My Sisters
6. Skin Kings
7. Tell
8. Nature and the Soul
9. Inside View
10. All Alone
11. Sea Song
12. Passion Flower

Frequent commenter, Ricky H., cited The Throes' debut as his personal favorite. Since it was relatively cheap and easy to get I figure I'd check it out for myself. One thing I immediately noticed was how good the instrumentation is. Harold Evans is doing more than just keeping time with his drumming and I can see why he was so missed on later albums. I also have to tip my hat to bassist Joy Gewalt as her lively bass lines inject these songs with some personality, especially on the funky "Inside View." It's really too bad these two didn't stick around longer. Most of this disc is fairly upbeat alternative rock that reminded me a lot of the Prayer Chain's Whirlpool EP even though this predated it by two or three years. It kind of surprised me given how moody Fall on Your World is though that's probably because Harold Evans wrote most of the songs on this disc. While I don't think this will overtake Fall as my favorite Throes disc, it's far better than 12 Before Nine or American Afro. My only regret is that I didn't pick this up when it first came out. Thanks for the suggestion Ricky!

Useless Fact: The Throes appeared on a REX compilation CD called "Argh!" which also featured thrash bands like Believer, Living Sacrifice, The Lead, and Sacrament. Seems like quite a gear shift if you ask me.

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  1. Wow, Adam, you are a brave man! I always cringe when anyone takes a chance based on anything I say (especially when it comes to books, movies, or music).

    Having said that, I am very pleased that you liked All the Flowers Growing in Your Mother's Eyes. I agree with everthing you say about it (although it edges out Fall On Your World as my favorite Throes album). And I think it may be as dark as Fall On Your World, but just doesn't sound like it. The great melodies, heavenly harmonies, Joy Gewalt's powerfully melodic bass-work, Harold Evans' musically expressive drumming -- all carried along on those rich full-sounding acoustic guitars -- make it a deceptive listen.

    Except for Bill Campbell's vocals, ATFGIYME and FOYW sound like they could have come from two different bands (and I guess, in a sense, they did). And I agree that it is a shame they didn't create more music with the ATFGIYME line-up. It's also a shame that the quality dropped so far off after FOYW. But I think those first two albums have withstood the test of time quite well (which is more than can be said for a lot music from 20, or more, years ago).