Monday, April 5, 2010

Armageddon - "The Money Mask"

Armageddon - The Money Mask
1989/2007, Retroactive

Disc One:
1. The Money Mask
2. Mercenaries of Unjustice
3. More Than Conquerors
4. Looking Out For You
5. The Ship of Changes
6. (Liberation From) Blazing Wasteland
7. Nightlight
8. Giving It To You
9. The Judge
10. We're Outta Here
11. (Liberation From) Blazing Wasteland (East Coast Metal Version)

Disc Two:
1. Lookin' Out For You (rough mix)
2. We're Outta Here (rough mix)
3. More Than Conquerors (rough mix)
4. Nightlight (rough mix)
5. The Money Mask (rough mix)
6. Ship of Changes (rough mix)
7. More Than Conquerors (rehersal)
8. We're Outta Here (rehersal)
9. The Money Mask (demo)
10. Nightlight (demo)
11. Get in Line (demo)
12. In Your Face (previously unreleased)
13. Blazing Wasteland (demo)

Armageddon's first and only album is a little forgotten gem originally released on Talkingtown Records. You know... Talkingtown Records whose releases include... well... Armageddon's The Money Mask. Thankfully Retroactive has reissued this piping hot slab of 80's metal with an additional bonus disc of demos and stuff. Usually those demo discs don't really interest me and that's the case here too. I usually just care about the original music which has been remastered and reproduced perfectly. I had forgotten how good this album actually is! The guitar parts now remind me a little bit of older Ozzy songs with Randy Rhodes on guitar. Mike Vance's vocals are stay in a gruff mid-range and perfectly fit the songs. There are some tunes on here that almost border on speed metal like "(Liberation From) Blazing Wasteland" and "We're Outta Here." Those are mixed in with some more mid-paced tunes like "Nightlight" and "The Judge." Also I'd like to point how good the ballad, "Ship of Changes" is. When I had this originally on tape I never listened to it because at that time in my young life I skipped over ALL ballads. However, it's now one of my favorite tracks on the album!

An oddity: the original name for track two was definitely "Mercenaries of Unjustice." For the rerelease they've changed it to "Mercenaries of Injustice." He says "unjustice" in the song so I don't know why it was changed.

...and just because I haven't done it in forever - here's a weird association for ya. I remember listening to this while waiting for my ride to come and take me to youth group on Wednesday nights. Right beforehand I watched that old show on Nickelodeon called Hey Dude! Anyone remember that show? About a bunch of kids working on a ranch during the summer? Starred Ben Stiller's wife Christine Taylor? "It's a little wild and a little strange! When you make your home out on the range!" So yeah... this disc makes me think of that show sometimes.

Wow... I got way off track didn't I? Well let's wrap this up...

Useless Fact: The band was originally called Second Chance right up until the time they got signed. Talkingtown made them change their name. Have to say... I like Armageddon better.

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