Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bloodgood - "Out of the Darkness"

Bloodgood - Out of the Darkness
1989, Intense

1. Out of the Darkness
2. Let My People Go
3. America
4. It's Alright
5. Top of the Mountain
6. Hey You!
7. Mad Dog World
8. Changing Me
9. New Age Illusion

Okay I like "Out of the Darkness" and "Top of the Mountain" but the rest of the album, so far, has been kind of forgettable. That's not to say that it's not good... it's a bit more metal than Rock in a Hard Place but I don't know... nothing really jumps out and grabs me like on Detonation. I'll probably give it a few more spins but right now I think I was right to pick Bride's Silence is Madness over this one all those years ago.

Useless Fact: After this disc the band put out two live CDs that had videos with them. I got to watch one a long time ago. It was okay... would have been better if I'd been familiar with the band's catalog.

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