Monday, July 5, 2010

The Choir - "Burning Like the Midnight Sun"

The Choir - Burning Like the Midnight Sun
2010, Galaxy 21

1. Midnight Sun
2. That Melancholy Ghost
3. Mr. Chandler
4. Between Bare Trees
5. A Friend So Kind
6. Legend of Old Man Byrd
7. I'm Sorry I Laughed
8. The Word Inside the Word
9. Should Have Been Obvious
10. Invisible
11. Say Goodbye To Neverland

Here's what I love about the Choir - every new album feels like home. Somehow they have a way of creating albums that have a distinct sonic identity yet feel so familiar. They're like a visit from an old friend you haven't seen in a long time. Some of this has to do with the lyrics of Steve Hindalong. He's got some themes that he tends to visit and inserts lines from older songs into new ones. It's cool because it ties together all the band's albums into one big tapestry. And I have to say, Burning Like the Midnight Sun is a fine addition to that tapestry. There are songs like "That Melancholy Ghost" that actually reminded me of the old New Wave days of Diamonds and Rain. Then there are tunes like "I'm Sorry I Laughed" that reminded me of "Sunny" off of Flap Your Wings. I loved the laid-back acoustic "Between Bare Trees" and the plodding "Mr. Chandler," about an airport snafu that happened to bassist Tim Chandler many years ago. I also love "Should Have Been Obvious" which sort of sounds like a better version of "I Don't Mean Any Harm" (off Flap Your Wings). But the whole album is full of that kind of stuff. You'll listen to this album and remember songs, images, and feelings from the band's past. Ultimately you'll feel like Burning Like the Midnight Sun has been your favorite for years. If you're a Choir fan you are truly in for a treat. If not... well... that's just silly. Go get it and educate yourself.

Useless Fact: The band offered several preorder packages ranging from "extra super duper cool" (an invitation to a private party to hang out with the band) to "normal" (just the album itself). I got the package that came with an "director's cut" disc which is basically the album with commentary from the band. Definitely worth listening to if you can find it somewhere. You get to hear all the cool stories about where these songs came from.


  1. Yes it is a great one. I was just listening to it again this afternoon and was actually thinking parts of it reminded me of VOICES IN THE SHADOWS.

    And I agree - GO GET IT! NOW. Here-

    It should be noted that the CD is well worth it for the artwork as opposed to just a download.

  2. I ordered the middle package with the Stems so I can do my own mixes.... disappointing! The instruments already have the effects on them and all the guitar tracks are pre-mixed down to one set of stereo tracks. Not sure how you can make much of a different mixed except "I made the bass louder here and the drums softer there." HARUMPH!

    I haven't listen to the directors CD yet as I'm waiting to get more familiar with the album. At first I really liked it. Now I'm mediocre with it but it's growing. This often signals that the album is a timeless classic... or a shiny turd.