Friday, July 2, 2010

The Swirling Eddies - "The Midget, the Speck, and the Molecule"

The Swirling Eddies - The Midget, the Speck, and the Molecule
2007, Stunt

1. It All Depends
2. The Midget, the Speck, and the Molecule
3. Madonna Inn
4. Giants in the Land
5. Salton Sea
6. My Cardboard Box
7. Snow in a Can
8. Medley of Our Hit
9. Tremolo
10. A Humble Man Rises
11. This is the Title/The Old Hitchhiker

I waited forever for this disc to finally arrive in the mail. I relentlessly emailed the poor guy who runs the Daniel Amos webstore for weeks. He probably hates me by now. Yeah... it's kind of a headache ordering from them. But you know what? It was totally worth it. The sound isn't as dense or challenging as Zoom Daddy nor is it the romp that Outdoor Elvis was. It seems like a happy medium. I was able to pick out some favorites immediately like "Giants in the Land" with its cool guitar groove and "My Cardboard Box" with lyrics that tickle me every time I listen to it. Speaking of lyrics, I think these are some of the best Terry's written. Maybe I should rephrase that - I was surprised at just how clever and unique they are. They always help the rhythm of the song and make me smile. Stuff like, "We'll do everything righteous that your mamma calls sin" ("Madonna Inn") and "Cut out nice pictures of food and drink/ Wash our little paper dishes/ In the photo of a sink" ("My Cardboard Box) are great because you've never really heard anything like it - even on other Eddies, DA, and Lost Dogs discs. The lyrics on this disc are wholly their own. The music is its own beast too, sounding like a fusion of DA's Mr. Beauchner's Dream and Outdoor Elvis and just a dash of the spy-type sounds of Zoom Daddy. Yeah, it might be a chore to order from the DA webstore, but do it anyway. As I said, it's totally worth it.

Useless Fact: As I understand it "Medley of Our Hit" was written in response to people who got nasty about delays on the album. I guess they were upset that they weren't getting their preorders when they thought they should.

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