Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bloodgood - "Rock in a Hard Place"

Bloodgood - Rock in a Hard Place
1988, Frontline

1. Shakin' It
2. Never Be the Same
3. The Presence
4. What Have I Done
5. Heaven on Earth
6. Do or Die
7. She's Gone
8. The World (Keeps Movin' Around)
9. Seven

Remember back in the day when bands could get away with nine good quality songs on an album? These days you absolutely HAVE to have twelve or more and half of those are filler. Old man ranting aside, Rock in a Hard Place is another great hard rock/metal platter from Bloodgood. I think it's slightly more on the commercial tip than the last one. There's lots of acoustic mixed in with the razor sharp guitars, but the songs are awesome. Just the quality of the musicianship alone makes this a pleasure to listen to.

Useless Fact: A new record company, Intense Millennium, is going to be rereleasing a lot of the old Frontline/Intense catalog. This means a lot of Bloodgood is now going to be available for purchase at reasonable prices. I guess it's time for me to crack open my wallet!

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