Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bloodgood - "Bloodgood"

Bloodgood - Bloodgood
1986/2010, Intense Millennium

1. Accept the Lamb
2. Stand in the Light
3. Demon on the Run
4. Anguish and Pain
5. Awake
6. Soldier of Peace
7. You Lose
8. What's Following the Grave
9. Killing the Beast
10. Black Snake
Bonus Track
11. Awake (alternate mix)
12. Black Snake (extended version)

How the heck did I ever miss this the first time? HOW?! Oh wait... I remember, I was seven. Thankfully great music doesn't die so I am able to hear Bloodgood's debut album with virgin ears. Every time I listen to a Bloodgood disc I just sit back and marvel at just how good it is. How much passion there is in these songs. You'll notice I use the word "passion" when describing Bloodgood a lot. It's here in spades. You should have this in your collection - not just because it's a piece of Christian metal history, but because you'll have a blast listening to it. Great songs, great hooks... great album!

The cover art on this release is actually pretty decent. Of course, I still have the old one displayed because I'm a crotchety old man and that's how I roll.

I would also like to say that this is my 400th post! Thank you to all who have visited!

Useless Fact: According to the liner notes vocalist Les Carlson actually auditioned for Bloodgood some time before actually joining the band and nothing came of it until he met up with the rest of the band a little later.

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  1. Glad you're finally catching up with the 1980s!!!

    I love, LOVE, LOVE!!! this album!!!! I agree with everything you said about the music. Bloodgood's first 4 albums were all fantastic (and deserve a much better fate than they've received).

    I'm not a metal head, but this album has everything I like about this style of music. There is a lot of stylistic diversity in the songs, but they still fit together to form a cohesive album.

    I also totally agree with you about the quality and passion of Bloodgood's music (especially those first four albums). Even when their producer or engineer failed them, the high quality of their playing, singing, and songwriting always showed through.

    An equally useless fact: If memory serves, this album was produced by the legendary Darrell Mansfield.