Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mortification - "Break the Curse 1990 (2010 20th Anniversary Gold Edition)"

Mortification - Break the Curse 1990 (2010 20th Anniversary Gold Edition)
2010, Roxx Productions

1. Blood Sacrifice
2. Brutal Warfare
3. Impulsation
4. Turn
5. New Beginnings
6. Break the Curse
7. Illusion of Life
8. Your Last Breath
9. Journey of Reconciliation
10. The Majestic Infiltration of Order
Bonus Tracks
11. Time Crusaders (Studio Version)
12. Eyes of Destruction (1987 Lightforce Recording)
13. Envision a Beginning/Buried Into Obscurity
14. Steve Talks/Noah Was a Knower
15. Interview With Steve

I've never heard Steve Rowe's original band, Lightforce. I saw Mystical Thieves in a Christian bookstore a long time ago but I never bought it. Therefore, I can't really talk about the differences between Lightforce and Mortification. I have always wanted to hear Break the Curse though. It's the album that they put out before the official debut on Intense Records. The band's not quite as tight as they would become on the debut. They're more thrashy and Steve's vocals haven't quite found the sweet spot yet. They're growly, but he hasn't added the baritone/guttural aspect so they end up a little shrill. It doesn't bother me though. It's also fun to hear some old favorites like "Brutal Warfare" and "Journey of Reconciliation" as straight forward metal tunes. I'm also surprised that cool cuts like "Illusion of Life" and "Your Last Breath" never made it onto the debut. I would to have loved to hear beefed up death versions of them. This disc also comes with a studio version of "Time Crusaders" (it's not as good as the live version), an old Lightforce recording, and the Noah Sat Down and Listened to the Mortification Live E.P. While Having A Coffee. In addition to an interview. And if that wasn't enough the package includes a DVD of Mortification's first concert ever. While I can't say I like Break the Curse more than the debut it's a great listen and I'm glad to have it in my collection.

Useless Fact: Steve Rowe once penned a novel called Minstrel. I can't remember what album it was advertised with but I've always wondered if it was any good. If anyone has read it and has more information on it, leave a comment!

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