Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vengeance Rising - "Human Sacrifice"

Vengeance Rising - Human Sacrifice
1989/2010, Intense Millennium

1. Human Sacrifice
2. Burn
3. Mulligan Stew
4. Receive Him
5. I Love Hating Evil
6. Fatal Delay
7. White Throne
8. Salvation
9. From the Dead
10. Ascension
11. He Is God
12. Fill This Place With Blood
13. Beheaded
Bonus Tracks
14. Prodigal Son (Live)
15. Human Sacrifice (Live)
16. Salvation (Live)

Human Sacrifice is a thrash classic - no two ways about it. What else needs to be said? Go buy one!

One quick comment: Intense Millennium has again changed the cover art. While it doesn't hold a candle to the original iconic cover, it's at least in the ballpark of being good. Thankfully the reproduction of the original is nice and crisp you can display that one if you want.

Now for a completely random story...

At one point before the demise of the band I sent Roger Martinez a letter. I had to be about thirteen at the time. I was just trying to encourage him and tell him that I was there for him if he ever wanted to talk. I even gave him my phone number. Flash forward to 2004. I'm driving home from my construction job and I get a call on my cell phone. It's Roger Martinez. He told me that I wrote a letter a long time ago and he was calling to see if I was interested in reading the first chapter in a book he wrote. He said he felt like he wasn't really helping people like he thought he was and he wanted to do something to help. He emailed me the first chapter of his book (about real estate) and it was like data overload. I never did talk to him again (even though he called a few times after that). That was one weird day I tell ya! From what I heard later, he was trying to get in touch with a lot of people that may have sent him letters back in the day.

Useless Fact: The hand on the original cover was none other than Sanctuary Mastermind Pastor Bob Beeman!


  1. I wish I could comment... I remember when this album came out but even then it was too heavy for me. Instead, allow me to say ZIL-TOID!

  2. How does the remaster sound versus the original?

  3. @troykeyes - The remaster sounds really good. Everything's a lot more crisp and clean but still sounds nice and heavy. I think the guitar tone sounds a little bit heavier due to the remaster.

  4. A classic in every way. I remember getting this album on vinyl when it came out. As soon as Roger started singing(?), I started laughing (I don't know why) - but I did love it!

    The music - at it's foundation - had everything that made great 1970s era hard rock great. Vengeance just played it heavier and faster.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't get into any of their other albums.

    Completely useless fact: I always wished that Alice Cooper would make an album with the musicians from Vengeance. I think they could've nailed that loose, gritty quality of the original Alice Cooper Group - but given it a decidedly modern edge. And, like the original ACG
    there seemed to be a mischievous sense of humor lurking just beneath the surface.

  5. Ahhhh, Uvalapie - Ziltoid, indeed. *sigh*

  6. As soon as I hit the button, I realized I'd misspelled Uvulapie - but, alas, I realized too late.

    Forgive me. I must have temporarily fallen under a bad spell.