Monday, January 3, 2011

Bloodgood - "Detonation"

Bloodgood - Detonation
1987/2010, Intense Millennium

1. Battle of the Flesh
2. Vagrant People
3. Self-Destruction
4. Alone in Suicide
5. Heartbeat (of the City)
6. Eat the Flesh
7. Holy Fire
8. Crucify
9. The Messiah
10. Live Wire
Bonus Tracks
11. Crucify (live)
12. The Messiah (live)

In my original review of this album I lamented the fact that I was distressingly late to the Bloodgood party. I downloaded it just to check them out - turns out they're awesome. Turns out Detonation is a metal classic and I was a moron.... A MORON for not having this in my collection. Now I am proud to say I have a shiny new Detonation in my collection, special thanks to Intense Millennium. The remastering is superb and does help the album sound a bit better even though I don't think it was recorded properly in the first place. Every song it just a pleasure to hear. If you're a fan of Christian metal go to Divine Metal Distro and buy a copy. Don't download it - you don't need to. You will be pleased. Just trust me.

I am thankfully that this disc's artwork is much better and befitting what one would expect for a reissue of this magnitude. The liner notes are clear and easy to read and there's new artwork as well. I'm not a big fan of it but the original artwork is sharply recreated so you can use that if you want to (I know I do). If this is indicative of the quality of future Intense Millennium albums then the future looks bright indeed.

Quick tip - if you import the CD using Itunes it will mark "Self-Destruction" as "Alone in Suicide" giving you two "Alone in Suicides." It's the correct song, just the incorrect name. Be sure to change it before importing.

Useless Fact: According to the liner notes vocalist Les Carlson was in a production of the musical Hair. Isn't that the one where everyone gets naked at the end? Eww. I'm sure Mr. Carlson was not in that scene.

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