Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Mustard Seeds - "III"

The Mustard Seeds - III
2008, Independant

1. Lost in Flight
2. Complicated World
3. Die to Meet You
4. Dorian Gray
5. Oxygen
6. Hunting With Cheney
7. Move On
8. Maybe Next Year
9. Man Overboard
10. Billy Buckner
11. Love Takes You Home
12. Outer Space

The Mustard Seeds are quickly becoming one of my new favorite bands. They fuse soaring harmonies, Drop D riffs, and pop hooks into an album that is infectious and catchy. Upon first listen one might think of Sam Taylor-era King's X. Indeed, the band is kind of a pop version of King's X or maybe a heavier, progressive version of PFR. Either way the harmonies here are amazing and the songs themselves are immediately likeable. From the opening acapella tune, "Lost in Flight" you know you're going to hear some compelling music. When I was finished I wanted to start right over again so as to digest everything that's going on here. I admit that "Move On" and "Maybe Next Year" are a little too Jars-of-Clay-Christian-radio for me, but I still don't skip these tracks. They're not bad... they just sound like radio songs. Still an awesome album despite my personal quirks. Thanks Uvulapie for suggesting them!

Useless Fact: "Hunting With Cheney" name drops Hillary Clinton, Obama, and McCain. It's an interesting political song without the tired cliches.

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